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I took a class lead by Andre Shakti two years ago and I couldn’t be happier! Warm, friendly,
funny, and incredibly informative - Andre’s class gave me the confidence and the knowledge I
needed to finally feel comfortable introducing fisting into my sexual repertoire! A week after the
class one of my partners was able to achieve her first climax ever, and watching the tears of joy
and pleasure stream down her face as it happened made me a lifelong Shakti supporter. I
couldn’t recommend taking one of Andre’s classes more!

Andre's workshop is full of very relevant information that is clearly presented and reinforced by
well chosen examples. The subject matter is full of details and nuances that are explained to the
satisfaction of all attendees. Andre's skills as a presenter shine, making a topic that could be
tricky accessible and light. Highly recommended!

My name is ____, and I just wanted to say thank you for holding the wrestling class at Mission
Control! I had such an awesome time. And I loved going to a rough body play class that was
being taught by someone other than a cis male. I appreciate that you taught using legs -- I'm
smaller than all of my male wrestling partners, and I don't have the upper body strength to
meaningfully compete with them. Loved the class, loved your presentation style. Thank you!

Thank you so much for this. I really appreciate the time you spent with us. The best part for me
was realizing I don't have to be serious to be sexy. Being dominant for me isn't just empowering,
but liberating because I can "let go" of having to be a serious adult or perfect in one way or
another. So - thank you! I'm already having loads more fun with ____. Hopefully we don't wait
too long to do this again!

The [fisting class I attended] with Andre was so very educational. Love the way the presenter
was anatomically and clinically on point. Andre presented everything in a very understandable
way and made everyone feel comfortable. Wanted more!

Andre is awesome! I loved the bigger body inclusion in the “how-to’s and tips” section [of her
strap-on sex class]. She was extremely knowledgeable on the topic and had great energy.
Would love to see an advanced version of this workshop!

I wanted to drop you a note and let you know how much I enjoyed your wrestling workshop. I
am soaking up all the opportunities to feel physical and in my body these days, and also
working hard to push past fears that I am not still able-bodied while undergoing [cancer]
treatment. Words can’t express how much gratitude I felt after your class. I also just really
appreciate your energy. Thank you.

I took your fisting workshop class and that night I fisted my first person and it was glorious! I was
super nervous but really kept in mind everything you said and eased into it! I’m using those
skills this week too! I so appreciate your teaching style and skill-sharing.