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Groping and Grappling: Intermediate Fetish Wrestling at Baltimore Playhouse!

Groping and Grappling: Intermediate Fetish Wrestling*

*This workshop is a Level II follow-up to the introductory "Groping and Grappling" class offered in November 2018. Please attend ONLY if you've already been to the introductory course in question and/or have a preexisting familiarity with Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (BJJ)! Any questions or concerns can be directed to the workshop facilitator via

Were you a little TOO interested in WWE specials as a child? Do you now find yourself fixated by sweaty, writhing bodies at the gym, secretly hoping thighs of steel will suddenly materialize around your neck? Perhaps you're turned on by playing with power dynamics, and are looking for a new way to exchange that switchy energy with a partner? In any event, fetish wrestling may be the kink you're looking for! Join sensual grappling aficionado Andre Shakti as she teaches you the basics of getting hot and heavy on a wrestling mat. You'll learn how to keep yourself and your partner safe, acquire a handful of both offensive and defensive technical skills, and get introduced to a number of sexy, competitive "games" to incorporate into the fun!

When: Thursday April 4th, 2019 from 7-9p

Where: Baltimore Playhouse (

Cost: $20/person

Etc: Free parking, 18+, Sober event

Fetlife: TBA

Facebook: TBA