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"Cruising for a Bruising: Intro to Impact Play" at Sugar!

Cruising for a Bruising: Intro to Impact Play

Pain, pleasure, and power dynamics, oh my! The practices of BDSM offer MUCH more than fan fiction fodder, but only when practiced safely and consensually. "Impact play" describes one of the many facets of engaging in BDSM, and Andre Shakti has eight years of both recreational and professional experience to share to optimize YOUR impact play creativity, connection and success!

Throughout this workshop we will:

  • Unpack WHY people seek to engage in impact play from both the top AND the bottom!

  • Touch on SENSATION play, RESTRAINT, and SENSORY DEPRIVATION play as they relate to impact play!

  • Review all that juicy anatomy and identify body parts that are SAFE to play with!

  • Talk about getting in touch with our own kinky desires: HOW do we know what we like?

  • Strategize how to initiate DIALOGUES with our partners about impact play, as well as identify "red flags" when seeking potential new impact play partners!

  • Learn about CONSENT as it relates to pre-scene, in-scene, and post-scene communication!

  • Define "aftercare" and identify multiple methods of practicing it after a scene!

  • Cover a list of basic impact play IMPLEMENTS to experiment with!

  • Share resources on further education, & MORE!

When: Thursday March 14th, 2019 6:30-8:30p

Where: Sugar Baltimore

Cost: $25/person

Etc: Street parking, 18+, Sober event