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"Dropping the Hint, Not the Ball: Flirting 101" at DC's Shiver!

DCAD is proud to announce Shiver 2019, bigger & better than last year.

What it is: A series of homegrown events designed for safety and community-building. The activities are varied: we’ll have classes, play parties, and lots of opportunities for generalized merriment with your fellow kinksters. Shiver is profit-neutral, so all activities are intentionally inexpensive, with many being pay-what-you-can.

Each component to Shiver is being hosted by individuals, mostly in private homes. While hosts and DCAD are coordinating to make spaces as welcoming, safe and fun as possible, each host may have additional rules to be aware of. As with everything else in this “adulthood” thing, this will require communication and respect.

This year, most of our events are designed to be open to the public scene, starting with our February class (on Monday the 11th) and our weekly happy hour (Thursday the 14th) at Dupont Italian Kitchen. The Play Parties will be vetted: there will be a brief questionnaire, and purchasing tickets to the play parties will require an access code. Capacity is limited for all events to fewer than 50 people.

What it's not: It’s not a large, national event, a luxury hotel-takeover, or an all-or-nothing single ticket event.

Programming Highlights include:

  • Dropping the Hint, Not the Ball! Flirting 101 by Andre Shakti

  • The Ethical Exhibitionist by Veronica Red

  • Happy Hour Hangout and Shenanigan Planigan

  • Pajama Brunch

  • High Protocol Tea

Watch our Fetlife page, Twitter, and News section for:

  • Programming and schedule information

  • Ticketing information

  • Questionnaire for attending the play parties

  • Opportunities to support this effort, especially if you’re able to volunteer or help defray costs (such as the travel expenses of our guests).




Twitter: @dcafterdarkhh