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The More, The Merrier: A Road Map to Ethical Non-Monogamy with Andre Shakti

  • Good Vibrations 1620 Polk Street San Francisco, CA, 94109 United States (map)

The biggest roadblock to exploring ethical non-monogamy is FEAR.

“I won’t be good at it, so why bother?”

“I get too jealous to ever be able to do non-monogamy.”

“Doesn’t non-monogamy mean cheating, though?”

“Everyone around me would judge me.”

“Isn’t non-monogamy all about orgies and sex parties?”

“I heard that the non-monogamous community isn’t very inclusive.”

“Don’t you need to be super wealthy to have multiple partners?”

“My partner must be suggesting this because I’m not ‘enough’ for them.”

Whatever YOUR fear, Andre Shakti wants to help you acknowledge it, then eradicate it. Andre has almost a decade of alternative relationship experience under her belt. As an educator, advocate, advice columnist and relationship coach for those with non-monogamous identities and practices, Andre approaches non-monogamy with love, levity, and intersectionality. This workshop is geared towards those who are in the initial stages of considering stepping outside of a monogamous framework. Bring your concerns, your compassion, and most importantly, your CURIOSITY!