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"Savvy Strap-On Seduction"

  • Baltimore Playhouse 3010 Washington Blvd Baltimore, MD 21230 (map)

Harnesses and dildos are sold to women who fuck women, men who fuck men, women who fuck men, men who fuck women and not to mention transgender folks of all orientations and expressions. People strap it on for a variety of reasons, some of which are: because it feels good, because playing with power dynamics is sexy, for double penetration, for variety in gender expression, for variety in cock size, shape, and color possibilities, because it looks hot, to have a permanent hard-on, and because watching your partner bob their head up and down on your cock is pretty awesome no matter what sex organs you were born with! Andre Shakti is the queen of cock confidence, and whether you’re a strap-on novice or a longtime aficionado, she’s ready to up your erotic ante!

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