Love, Sex, and Relationship Coaching

To book an initial appointment, please click on one of the buttons above to schedule yourself in my calendar! Payment will not be rendered immediately, although I will require it via Venmo or Paypal prior to our session. 

Single sessions are best utilized for single queries or expanded general advice. Mentoring packages are also available and recommended for certain individuals, couples, throuples (and more!) who wish to get in-depth, comprehensive clarity regarding sex, love and relationships.

Cancellations must given with at least 48 hours' notice - unless in rare cases of emergency - and are otherwise subject to a cancellation fee that is 50% of the total session cost. 

My coaching is tailored to your needs, including accessibility to marginalized communities who are financially impacted by systems of oppression. Contact me for further discussion on coaching packages and accessibility pricing!

Coaching Topics

  Sex & Sexuality

  • Initiation

  • Variation

  • Experimentation

  • Safe(r) Sex

  • Communication

  • Sex & Disability

  • Consent & Saying "No"

  • Confidence

  • Creativity

  • Energy Play

  • Exploring Desire

  • Sex Education

  • Exploring Gender

  • Exploring Sexual Orientation

  • Masturbation

  • Coming "Out"

Exploring Kink and BDSM

  • How Do I Know I'm Kinky?

  • How Do I Find Compatibly Kinky Partners?

  • How Do I Work Through My Feelings of Shame Around Kink?

  • How Do I Know What I Like?

  • How Do I Differentiate Between Kink & Abuse?

  • How Can I Ensure I'm Being Safe?

  • How Do I Introduce My Fantasies to My Partner?

  • How Do I Locate Community, Education, and Resources in My Area?

  • What's "Good Pain" vs "Bad Pain"?


  • Social Engagement

  • Flirtation Strategies

  • Communication Around the Discussion of Ethical Non-Monogamy

  • Dating Through a Consent-Focused Lense

  • Relationship Negotiation

  • Establishing & Validating Boundaries

  • Holding Space

  • Adding Partners to a Polycule

  • Finding Language, Community, & Resources

  • Navigating Differing Desires

  • Navigating Metamour Relations

   The Sex Industry

  • Sex Work vs Sex Trafficking

  • Ethical Engaged Allyship

  • Myths & Stereotypes

  • Combating Internalized Stigma

  • Getting into the Sex Industry

  • Business Development

  • Coming "Out"

  • Community Building

  • Safety & Security Practices

  • Activism

  • The "isms" of the Sex Industry (Sexism, Racism, Transphobia, Ageism, Ableism)


My partner and I were new and very eager to learn about including more kink play into our sex life. From the moment we walked into Andre's studio, we felt comfortable, respected, and cared for. She made the material very accessible to us beginners by first learning our goals in an interview session then tailored our meeting to those goals. During the session she described the material we were interested in, demonstrated it, and then had us practice it. We felt very prepared and excited to bring these practices home with us after our session. Andre is a top notch professional and we recommend her personal session to anyone.”


Working with Andre was such a great investment for our kink life, as well as our relationship. Her intentional and thoughtful questions in our initial sessions allowed her to cater demonstrations and suggestions to our play styles and initial D/s goals (and some desires we hadn’t even realized yet!). Andre is very technically skilled and gave us a lot of new tools and tricks to enhance our kink play. She is also very emotionally-skilled and empathetic, allowing her to address power dynamics and our individual vulnerabilities through the sessions. Andre balanced getting to know us both as Dom and sub and as a couple, and was able to give suggestions and feedback that fit both out of needs. Working with Andre took our play and relationship to a whole new level.


“My partner and I - both quiet, BDSM novices, and new parents, besides - sought out Andre’s help in learning the ropes in articulating and communicating our kinks. Over only three sessions, we received not only a gentle introduction to BDSM, but what felt like a holistic course in reconnecting to one another sexually. We both felt seen and our anxieties acknowledged. I can think of no  higher praise than to say pay Andre - she puts in the work.”


"My husband and I have been grateful for Andre's help and approach. Her guidance is always thoughtful and clear, and her kindness and encouragement as a coach are making what was a difficult situation for us much easier. Add Andre's sense of humor and it's even fun working on addressing our challenges together. I will always highly recommend her services.”